Technology is flying high.
We make it carry your business
to heights of success.

Located in the city of Cochin, one of the fastest growing IT focal points of southern India, KenPrimo excels in software development, custom application development, mobile applications development, all web related services and carries out result oriented work to enhance your business manifold .What makes us stand on a higher dimension among our contemporaries providing the same services is the proven undisputed class we instill into the products and results that we generate. With a really big chunk of quality experience in the web development front, we are a group of business technicians holding a legacy of expertise in all fronts of web technology. We serve to make businesses easier, more effective, expansive and consistently so by taking care of the most important aspects of the current day business scenario. The course of action we get on in helping any business achieve this premium level of success spans right from developing extremely effectual responsive websites for it and getting these sites search engine optimized to every move that is called upon   in making it prolific, and finally taking care of every facet of branding it.


A new breed of websites. Websites which are their owners’ best buddies. Websites that make their owners proud. Websites that love their owners. Most importantly, websites that makes them feel complete and even defines them. This new breed of websites, its called Kenweb.

So what is Kenweb360?

The service room that provides complete care, growth, supplementing, sharpening and the optimum amount of essential external exposure to your own favorite Kenweb. Boosting rooms that will make you love your new breed of websites, your Kenweb, all the more.

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Based on your requirements we undertake a strategy workshop, creative brief, wire frame creation, feature documentation, the creation of user stories and follow-up recommendations during this discovery phase. We recommend all key stakeholders are present as this will eliminate any confusion surrounding why certain decisions were made.

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"My team (EXNAWA) always enjoyed working with your professional team at KENPRIMO. Your professionalism and attitude always made us comfortable dealing with your firm. All our expectations about our site could not have achieved with out your teams support. Your ever willing attitude (even after hosting the site after one year) to do the fine tuning of the site is note worthy. There are fewer problems we are facing because of our lethargic attitude to resolve and discuss with you . Exnawa site is doing well and all appreciation goes to your team.

Thank you for supporting us. Looking forward your similar support in future also "



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