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Growth is hard, harder than expected – almost 90% of companies never hit $1 million in revenue in a calendar year. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll need an exceptional product, bullet-proof operations, great leadership and effective marketing and sales.

Now imagine… what if you had a trusted partner who takes care of the sales and marketing bit, so you can fully focus on your mission, product and running your company? Well, that’s when we step in.

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From launch to Growth

If you’re just launching, we will start by developing a detailed market strategy. Once it’s done, we’ll set up a team of our in-house and external specialists – and simply get the party started.

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From stagnation to Growth

If you’re already on the market, but you’re not happy with your growth rate, we will start by reviewing your current sales and marketing strategy – and suggesting re-adjustments.

Why Choose Kenprimo
Establishing a company’s online presence and meeting its business objectives is never a new challenge for us.
Sales, not just websites We take your customers through a sales journey – lead them to ONE choice without distractions.
Insights, not wild guesses We invest all the time and money trying to improve something mushy gushy: the brand loyalty.
A partner, not an agency Our clients partner with us because we’re intimately intertwined to address and solve their needs.
Inform, not pushy tactics We strike the right balance to get our point across through engaging, relevant content.
Specialists, not jack-of-all-trades Our team are well-trained and experienced in their niche of work so that you can stay targeted.
Results, not clicks We fully understand your brand and constantly re-adjust our moves to deliver better results.
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